Patch Work is Bad for Your Cracked Foundation in Elkhart IN

Cracked Foundation in Elkhart IN

Do you have a cracked foundation? Some cracks allow water into your basement while others don’t. Even those cracks that aren’t causing a leak today may cause a leak in the future. It is understandable why home owners seek solutions for crack repair as soon as they notice cracks in their foundations.

However, repairing a cracked foundation can be costly. It can also result in destruction where invasive methods are used. This has led many homeowners to consider dealing with cracks on their own. Others seek the assistance of a handyman or general contractor in a bid to save money or simply out of ignorance.

The problem with either of these repair options is that the repair is not successful in the long run.

The Unprofessional Solution

In many cases, DIY homeowners and handymen resort to patching the crack as a means of repair. This ‘out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy is a cheap and easy way to fix a crack. The results are attractive and in many cases, the leaks are stopped (at least for a while).

The problem is that this patch work repair is not good for your foundation. It doesn’t last and results in an even worse problem. In cases where the crack was leaking prior to the patch work, you will notice efflorescence (white powdery substance) on the surface of the crack after a few weeks. This is a sign that the crack is still allowing water through. The water moves through the crack carrying minerals with it and deposits them on the surface of the wall when it evaporates into the atmosphere.

The patchwork also doesn’t address the underlying cause of the crack. This can be disastrous especially in cases where cracks were caused by increased hydrostatic pressure against the wall. The patchwork only causes the water in the ground to be trapped. As more water is trapped behind the wall, pressure continues to build up. This will result in weakening of the wall. You are likely to experience extensive deterioration of your foundation as a result.

You will find that repairing your foundation after the patchwork has failed will cost you much more than it would have cost to properly repair the cracked foundation in the first place. This is because the problem is likely to have escalated and caused more damage.

It pays to seek the assistance of a professional waterproofing contractor from the beginning.