Even More Reasons to Deal with a Leaky Basement Right Away

Leaky Basement

Have you noticed a leak in your basement? You may be tempted to put off dealing with your leaky basement. However, doing this will only make things worse. The following are some reasons to deal with the leak in your basement:

  1. Leaks are an electrical hazard

A leaky basement is an electrical hazard. Electrical wires that run through the basement are likely to come into contact with the water and cause a serious hazard. While you can move your appliances out of harm’s way, you can’t do the same for the electrical wires in the basement. As such, you will definitely be exposed to the risk of electrocution. You will also expose your home to the hazard of a short circuit and other electrical problems.

  1. Your furniture is in danger

Leaks can cause a great deal of damage to furniture. This is especially true for wooden furniture. It will cause the wood to warm or rot over time. Wood can become eroded as a result of exposure to water. You will end up losing your furniture and having to replace it.

  1. Preserve your drywall

If you don’t want to have to replace all your drywall, it is important to ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with water. Your drywall will be completely damaged when water penetrates it. It will cause the drywall to crack and will destroy its beauty. Replacing drywall is quite expensive. If the climate is cold, you can be sure that the situation with the leaking will escalate and worsen quickly.

  1. Prevent mold infestations

When you have a leaky basement, it is likely that you will soon have or already have mold. Mold requires moisture, organic substances, warmth and air to survive. When all these conditions are present, mold will thrive.

Mold spores can cause respiratory problems. Mold can also destroy your property. The best way to deal with mold is to prevent it in the first place. Dealing with the leak will help to eliminate water and therefore prevent the growth of mold.

  1. Prevent structural damage

Your house may seem strong now, but that won’t be the case if you ignore your leaky basement. Water leakage can wreak havoc on even the strongest foundation. Water can cause corrosion as well as wear and tear on a variety of materials over time. Repairing a damaged foundation can be very expensive.