What You Need to Know About Foundation Repair in Valparaiso IN

Foundation Repair in Valparaiso IN

Owning a home is the dream of every American. It offers great reprieve from paying rent and you can easily add a personal touch to the property. However, you also have to bear a huge responsibility when it comes to maintenance. Most homeowners focus on aesthetics in home improvements and overlook structural repairs and care.

Importance of Foundation Repair

According to the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA), over 67% of homes older than 5 years have some form of foundation damage. The American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) on the other hand says foundation repair is among the most overlooked aspects of home maintenance despite its importance.

As a homeowner you need to be on the lookout for any form of foundation damage for quick repairs. While the damage might not be obvious, a qualified contractor will assess the damage and identify any underlying problems. There are more reasons to initiate foundation repairs sooner than later. Take a look:

  1. Maintaining property value – During a home appraisal, the foundation is a major point of reference. Homebuyers will focus on any damage and efforts made in structural repairs. If the foundation has been neglected, your home’s value takes a beating.
  2. Protecting your investment ­– A hairline crack might look harmless but it could portend a much bigger problem. Such a crack could gradually let in water which will damage wooden foundation joists and corrode metal fasteners. Such damage compromises the integrity of the house and during storms, the damage can be devastating.
  3. Avoiding basement water – A wet basement is every homeowner’s nightmare. A bulging foundation will allow water into the basement while cracks on the foundation walls will let surface water into the basement.
  4. Your family’s health – Basement moisture provides a perfect environment for toxic mold growth. Mold spores eventually find their way into the main house leading to respiratory complications, and skin and eye irritation among other issues.

Diagnosing Foundation Damage

It is important to be proactive about foundation care. As such, look out for some of these warning signs in order to call in a foundation repair contractor:

  • Dry/ wet rot and rusting – This points to water seepage through foundation wall cracks.
  • Mildew/ mold buildup
  • Uneven doors and windows
  • Sagging floors/ warped ceiling cracks
  • Standing water is another indicator of foundation cracks.

If you notice these foundation problems, you need to contact a qualified foundation repair contractor for timely diagnosis and treatment.