Looking for the Best Home Improvement Idea? Try EZ Breathe Ventilation

EZ Breathe Ventilation

Did you know that your home’s indoor environment is more polluted than the external one? It might sound unlikely but research by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that indoor air quality (IAQ) is in some areas 5 more times dirtier than external air.

While you might have invested in the most expensive ventilation system, it might not be a solution. Most ventilation systems in the market just help circulate the same polluted air in the indoor space. This leads to higher risks of infection. It is with this in mind that the innovative EZ Breathe ventilation system has been introduced to the market.

How the EZ Breathe Ventilation Works

If your house has a basement, you appreciate how tricky it is to keep this living space comfortable. This is because polluted air and moist air will be found here and eliminating it is tricky. This is where this new ventilation system comes in handy. It works on the principle of air exchange.

This means the heavier and moist polluted air that is in the basement is driven outside while fresh and lighter air from outside is brought in to allow it to circulate within the basement and upper levels of the house. Around 6 cycles of air exchange are performed daily to continue replenishing the indoor environment with cleaner air and guarantee that impurities are eliminated.

If you are still wondering whether the EZ Breathe is a worthy investment, consider some of these other benefits:

  • Low maintenance: The new ventilation system does not have moving parts such as filters that would necessitate regular maintenance. This saves you lots of money at the end of the day.
  • Multi-purpose operations: Unlike a dehumidifier, which is only useful in humidity control, this new system deals with elimination of odors, control of mold growth on wood and fabrics, removal of toxins and allergens and in general improving the air quality.
  • Larger capacity: One of these machines is comparable to 7 ordinary dehumidifiers, which means it can be used for different applications at an affordable cost.
  • Energy efficiency: You don’t have to worry about a high energy bill because the new system costs less than $ 2-4 per month to operate.
  • More convenience: You don’t have to worry about removing gallons of collected moisture unlike when using a dehumidifier in your basement.

If you are looking for an ingenious yet economic home improvement idea, it is clearly time to invest in EZ Breathe ventilation system. Contact us today!