Everything You Need To Know About StablWall System Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

That moment when you get keys to your own house is one of the proudest in your life. It is one of life’s most significant achievements and ranks up there in the American Dream. Well, owning a home comes with its challenges among them being maintenance. While some maintenance issues are easy to handle, others portend great danger to your precious investment. Foundation is one of these big problems.

Why Worry About Foundation Damage?

One of the biggest problems with foundation damage is the fact that the homeowner might not notice anything is amiss until it is too late. Among the major problems you can encounter include bowing, bulging and cracking of the foundation walls. All these require immediate foundation repair to avoid further damage.

A damaged foundation is prone to water damage and in case of floods, your basement will be badly affected. Worse still, a foundation’s strength is compromised due to continued seeping of water. High levels of moisture will also lead to toxic mold growth and this poses health risks to the family. These problems necessitate an urgent and effective solution. Stabl-Wall™ system is an innovative wall bracing system that is not only cost-effective but also durable.

StablWall System in Brief

If you are looking for the best solution to bowing or cracked foundation walls, the Stabl-Wall™ system should be at the top of your list. This system leverages innovative carbon fiber technology to provide permanent strength to damaged walls. It has been in many other large industries and it is now popular in the construction industry.

Incredible Strength

Carbon fiber sheets are used together with a specially designed epoxy to provide a strong bond between walls thus preventing any further movement. This adds to the strength of any walls that had already been compromised by movements or cracks.

To appreciate how strong the bond created is, consider that carbon fiber has been found to offer 10X more strength than steel. Once carbon fiber sheets bond to the concrete structure, there is no further movement and you are guaranteed your home is safe once again.

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

Unlike steel piers and other foundation repair systems in the market, StablWall is easy to install and requires no costly excavations. A professional contractor needs just a few hours to get the job done and this saves the cost of the entire project. No maintenance is required for the walls and you can even repaint the carbon sheets for aesthetic reasons.

StablWall is an effective, more affordable, durable, safe, flexible and low-maintenance solution to damaged foundation walls. Your foundation contractor will tell you more about it.