4 Signs That Your House Needs Foundation Repair Granger, IN

Over time, your house may need foundation repair. The need for foundation repair arises from the fact that over time, the soil that holds the foundation may expand and damage the foundation. In particular, soils that contain minerals like smectite clays absorb water and expand significantly. This expansion can exert a notable amount of pressure on a building’s foundation or other structures and lead to considerable damage.

Because of this, you could end up with issues such as cracked walls, floors and foundations. There are also other kinds of damage that occur due to damaged foundations. In this article, you will learn about 4 signs that the foundation of your house is damaged and how to do the necessary repair.

  1. Cracked foundations, floors and walls

The most visible signs of a damaged foundation include cracked foundations, floors and walls. Cracks on the walls, foundation and floor occur as a result of issues such as pressure from expanding soil as a result of water damage, settling of the concrete, and changes in temperature.

  1. Difficulty in opening or closing windows and doors

Doors and windows that suddenly become difficult to open or close can be an indicator of a damaged foundation. When the foundation cracks or sinks as a result of soil movement, the wood or metal frames that support the windows or doors are likely to twist or bend. As a result, you will experience problems in opening or closing your windows and doors.

  1. Sagging or sloped walls and ceilings

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A weak foundation will cause walls of the house to sag because of the foundation’s inability to sustain the weight of the walls. Consequently, you may notice that the walls and ceilings are sagging or sloped.

  1. Gaps and cracks in corners

You are likely to experience corner cracks when one section of the walls sinks more as the foundation concrete settles. This uneven settling of the foundation can cause visible gaps and cracks at the points of intersection of different walls.

How to do the necessary repair

You need to repair your foundation as soon as you notice any of the above signs to avoid any further damage to your house. The good news is that technologies that such as Stabl-Wall™ polymer can be used to repair foundation and wall cracks. When used, this method helps prevent the cracks on foundations and walls from expanding and weakening the house further.


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