5 Important Things to Avoid When Seeking Waterproofing Solutions

Things to Avoid When Seeking Waterproofing Solutions

Having a dry basement is par for the course. A home should be dry, and a wet basement does absolutely nothing to aid your investment in its longevity or value.

To solve wet basement problems, there are several solutions. Many, as those who have tried them will attest, don’t always perform as described. Plus, when done wrong, don’t work at all.

So to help you with your wet basement problems, here are 5 things to avoid when seeking waterproofing solutions.

1.The wrong basement waterproofing specialist.

The phone book and internet are loaded with people who claim they can stop or repair your basement water problems. Choose the wrong one, and your problems will return in no time. Only trust someone who has years of experience and credibility in your area to get the job done right.

2. A trench that is too deep.

When a trench is dug too deep, your foundation is at serious risk for erosion. While it might seem like a nominal solution (the deeper the better), there are specific standards that dictate depth necessity, and too deep is detrimental.

3. Trusting sealants for big jobs.

Sealants designed to stop minimal water flow work up to a point. They are great for temporary problems. But never try to use them as a permanent solution for a big water problem.

4. Covering up the problem.

There are some products that are designed to cover the walls with a membrane of sorts that blocks water entry. The problem being that by merely trapping water, you are helping it to erode your foundation, and not seeking a viable solution to a big problem.

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5. Installing a system on top of the floor.

These are often sold as a less expensive way of treating a water problem. But it never cures it. Often they are level with the ground (meaning no gravitational movement towards exit), and never remove water from the bottom of the wall. Avoid these types of system at all costs.

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