5 Leading Causes of Foundation Cracks and How to Repair the Cracks Granger, IN

The appearance of vertical and diagonal cracks on the foundation is not unusual. Most vertical and diagonal cracks occur as a result of the movement or settling of concrete, but they still need to be inspected to avert further damage. Horizontal cracks indicate significant structural damage and are associated with problems such as foundation wall warping.

Foundation Cracks | Granger, IN

Information about five leading causes of foundation cracks and how to repair them is as follows:

Leading Causes of Foundation Cracks

  1. Storms

Storms cause the soil around the foundation of a building to hold a lot of water. The resulting hydrostatic pressure puts additional weight on the foundation, which can cause the wall to bend.

  1. Too Dry or Too Wet Conditions

Soil expands when it has too much moisture and shrinks when it is too dry. When the soil contracts as a result of being too dry, it pulls away from the foundation, creating a gap for the foundation to move. In contrast, soil that has too much water becomes heavy and exerts pressure on the foundation. The movement of the foundation or the pressure exerted on it can cause cracks.

  1. Earthquakes and Earth Tremors

If the foundation of a building is not stable or well supported, even the slightest of tremors can exacerbate small cracks that already exist in the building’s foundation. This is because earthquakes and earth tremors are likely to cause the ground that holds the foundation to move.

  1. Leaks in Plumbing Systems

Leaking pipes that remain undetected or are unrepaired can be a significant cause of foundation damage. This is because, over time, the leaking water accumulates in the soil and exerts pressure on the foundation.

  1. Extreme Heat

Extreme heat from the sun causes concrete to expand. The pattern of concrete expansion during the day and shrinkage due to the cold experienced at night can lead to the occurrence of foundation cracks.

How to Repair Foundation Cracks

There are many ways of repairing foundation cracks. Some of these ways are detailed below.

  • Filling the Crack with StablWall: StablWall is a technology that involves the use of carbon fiber sheets to seal cracks. StablWall provides a lasting solution for cracks because of the properties of carbon, which include high stiffness and tensile strength, low thermal expansion, high chemical resistance, and the ability to tolerate high temperatures.
  • Use of Other Types of Crack Fillers: Your foundation repair technician can also use epoxy or polyurethane to seal the cracks.

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