Consequences Of Rust In Your Basement | Merrillville, IN

Basement Rust

A basement is not the easiest section of the house to maintain. In most homes, this living space is unfinished, dark and unkempt. It is only visited when there is no other choice. It is no wonder that most homeowners simply assume the space doesn’t exist and make no plans for it in their home improvement projects.

However, you can easily turn around this neglected part of your home into a magnificent living space if you are able to deal with the major underlying issue. Basement water should be your first priority if you want to reclaim this space and turn it into some use.


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What Basement Rust Means

One of the telltale signs of water problems is basement rust. To identify this warning sign, you have to be proactive in your inspection. Most homeowners carry out DIY basement finishing projects and cover these problems instead of resolving them. If you notice any sign of corrosion on utility wires, furnace and tools in your basement, you should immediately call in a basement contractor for further inspection.

Untreated water entry into the basement poses danger not only to the occupants but also to the structure. High humidity levels in the basement also cause toxic mold growth that poses a great health risk to your family. Water also damages wooden joists and metal fasteners used to strengthen the foundation. This compromises the integrity of the entire house.

Dealing with Basement Water

Dealing with rust issues in your basement should start with identification of the water source. There are many ways through which water could be entering into your basement including through walls, floor, window well and vent window. Condensation is a major cause of metal rusting and only a certified waterproofing expert can handle the same.

Once the source of water has been identified, the next step is remediation through waterproofing. Different waterproofing systems can be used including sump pump installation, interior drainage systems and drain tile installation. Other things that can be done to solve the basement water problem include window well repair, external drainage repair, sealing the vent window, and repairing foundation wall damage among others.

It is important to replace every part affected by basement rust. Metal appliances should also be insulated to avoid water damage. To get the best protection against further water damage, make sure you find an experienced contractor for the most effective solutions.