Crawlspace Waterproofing when You Have a Dirt Floor | Elkhart, IN

Should I have my dirt floor leveled? This is one of the most common questions that homeowners with dirt floors in their crawl spaces ask when they are thinking of investing in crawlspace waterproofing. The answer is: it depends.

Should you level your dirt floor?

In most cases, an experienced contractor will tell you to refrain from leveling the floor of your crawl space. This is because leveling your dirt floor will most likely involve a lot of diffing around and moving dirt around the crawl space. You may want to move dirt from the high side of the crawl space to the low side. While all of this may sound great, it is likely to result in water intrusion.

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It is important to remember that water will take the path of least resistance. The dirt in your crawl space is most likely hard packed. Digging around in your crawl space will result in it becoming loose. This creates an easy path for water. You will therefore be encouraging water to enter the crawl space. This beats the whole purpose of crawlspace waterproofing.

What to do with your dirt floor

You don’t have to dig up the dirt floor or level it. You can instead have a vapor barrier installed on the dirt floor. This will help to not only keep water out of the crawl space, but also make the crawl space cleaner and neater.

You may have to disturb the soil in order to have a sump pump and footer drains installed. However, it’s important to steer away from the temptation to have the space leveled. Your contractor will ensure that the footers and sump pump are installed with great care to maintain the integrity of the space.

When you should level a dirt floor

There are exceptions to the rule of not leveling the dirt floor of your crawl space. Leveling should only be done in cases where there are large mounds of dirt in the middle of the crawl space. If this dirt is heaped on top of the main dirt floor of the crawl space, you can spread it out. This will help with the installation of the vapor barrier. You won’t have to install as much vapor barrier as a result. Contact us today, we can help! ! (800) 686-3267

In conclusion, never level your crawl space. You will only be paving the way for water intrusion. This will cause you many problems in the long run.