Don’t Panic Over Bowed Basement Walls, But Do Call For Help Mishawaka, IN

Bowing basement walls are a concern for any homeowner. As soon as you notice that your exterior wall is bowing, call a professional foundation specialist, but don’t panic. When it gets caught early, the bowing basement walls can usually get repaired. The trick is getting help soon enough. Bowing basement walls are generally the result of too much pressure on the home’s exterior, and this pressure can become too much for the wall to handle. The result of this pressure can present itself in the form of cracks, bowing walls, or can even cause the wall to break. The possibility of the house wall failing is why early diagnosis and repair is so important.

Solutions for Bowing Walls Bowing Basement Walls | Mishawaka, IN | Everdry Waterproofing of Michiana

There are a few different solutions to repair your walls. A skilled technician who comes out to your home to do the inspection and can recommend the best repair method. This decision is made based on the amount of damage to the wall and foundation.

  • A system made up of sturdy straps can be used to stabilize and strengthen the wall. These straps don’t weigh much, won’t stretch, and are more durable than steel.
  • Large carbon staples can be useful for keeping cracks together and prevent them from spreading.
  • Special ties designed for wall repair sometimes get used in conjunction with one of the other methods. These ties add extra strength.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

While getting your wall repaired is the biggest concern on your mind, once done, it’s time to address the cause of the problem. Your soil is the likely cause. A buildup of water around your home’s foundation could be causing your soil to absorb too much water and exerting too much pressure on the foundation. A drain to lead water away from the foundation could be needed. During your inspection, the technician will discuss this with you.

As mentioned in the beginning, the best thing that you can do for bowed basement walls is call in a professional company to take care of them. Far too often, homeowners try to do the job themselves and end up regretting it. The do it yourself options on the market are far inferior to anything that a professional company uses. They get designed for short-term help, and you’ll soon find yourself calling in the professionals. Save yourself time and money and call them from the very beginning. It’s the only way to ensure that your walls get fixed correctly and permanently.

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