Foundation Repair in Valparaiso IN – Key Misconceptions

Foundation Repair – Key Misconceptions

The thought of foundation repair for your house can be intimidating, as it can be accompanied by a vision of money flying out of your picket. In fact, only few people consider foundation repair and are willing to pay to get the job done. Homeowners, especially the ones looking to sell their house, need to know that foundation problems cannot be left unaddressed. For investors and brokers, dealing with foundation concern is crucial if you don’t want to loose the deal. To make things easier, here are a few common and key misconceptions about foundation repair that you need to know about.

#1 : There is no problem with the foundation

In most cases, people believe that there’s a problem with their house’s foundation when really there isn’t. The actual problem is the soil beneath the foundation. As the soil beneath the foundation moves, the foundation moves along with it. Simply put, foundation doesn’t move unless the soil beneath it does.

#2 : Soil hydration

Since foundation only moves with the soil beneath it, it is clear that hydration of the soil plays a key role for a solid foundation. The soil beneath the foundation will only move when it is hydrating. Since there is no way to isolate the house from rainwater, wet and in turn dynamic soil becomes a key variable that makes the foundation move.

#3 : Cracks don’t tell you anything

If you’re dealing with foundation movement in your house, there are chances that the foundation movement will lead to manifestation of cracks in several places. These cracks can be small or pronounced, but still offer a relief point for the slab to move. However, in most cases, foundation issue is not found where the crack is.