Foundation Repair – Matching the Solution to the Problem | Granger, IN

Not every problem can be fixed with the same solution. It’s common for homeowners to be pressured into applying a solution that the waterproofing contractor believes is the best solution. However, the repair suggested by your contractor may not be the best for your foundation.

Some contractors have been known to pressure homeowners into using the system they are specialized in providing. This often results in disaster many years down the road. It is important for homeowners to realize that what worked for another home may not work for them.

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Different solutions for different problems

  1. Foundation cracks

The repair method you choose should be suitable for the type of foundation that you are dealing with. Cracks in limestone and block foundations are often caused by pressure acting on the exterior of the wall. Cracks in poured concrete foundations are often the result of settling in the footers.

It’s important to attack the problem at the source. You may not have to replace your foundation. An experienced contractor should help you dry out the soil first by correcting the grade, improving the performance of drainage and gutter systems, as well as installing French drains.

The cracks can then be dealt with depending on the type and size of cracks. A common solution to apply is wall crack injection. This involves the use of epoxy or polyurethane injections to prevent further entry of moisture into the basement.

  1. Bowing walls

Walls that are bulging inward could be the result of hydrostatic pressure, shrinkage of soils, deterioration of the wall, age, pressure from tree roots, as well as uneven settling of the foundation. Foundation repair should be based on the cause of the bowing.

Once the root cause of the foundation bowing is identified and dealt with, you will have to reinforce your wall to prevent further bowing. This can be easily done by installing carbon fiber straps. These are preferred to the traditional heavy steel beams that can easily take over your entire basement, thus rendering it unusable.

Another benefit of using carbon fiber is that it is a long-term solution that doesn’t require any maintenance. It is also affordable and easy to install.

Hiring an experienced foundation repair contractor will ensure that you can explore different solutions for the problem you are facing. Choose a contractor that won’t pressure you into using any particular solution. This will ensure that you find a solution that is suitable for your particular set of circumstances.