Freezing Water – A good Reason to Invest in Foundation Repair South Bend, IN

Foundation Repair | South Bend, IN


Winters can be very brutal on our homes and especially the foundation. The freezing and thawing cycles can result in more hydrostatic pressure which acts against the foundation walls. This in turn can make the foundation to start bowing inward resulting in foundation cracks.

The effects of freezing water are not isolated to the exterior of the foundation. If you have noticed hairline cracks in your foundation, it is a good idea to invest in foundation repair as soon as possible. You will be able to avoid major repair work that would have to be done later as a result of even more extensive damage.

Foundation Repair | South Bend, IN

The water in your foundation

Many homeowners today are aware of the problems that snow and freezing soil can cause to a foundation. Many take the precautions necessary to prevent damage to their homes during and after winter. These include clearing snow that accumulates near the foundation.

However, many overlook those hairline cracks in their foundations. While these cracks may not be letting water into your home at the moment, they harbor the greatest enemy to your foundation: water. When water gets into the hairline cracks and freezes, it expands. While the crack may not leak, it may be expanding to accommodate the expansion of the water therein.

If the cracks are not attended to as soon as possible, the cracks will continue to expand over time. One day, you will wake up to a flooded basement as a result.

Investing in foundation repair

Professional foundation repair is the most effective way to ensure that your foundation remains dry. There are various methods that you can choose from to repair the cracks and prevent water from causing damage to your foundation. The best approach, however, often involves a combination of different tactics.

For example, you may opt to have the cracks repaired by using the crack injection and install a French drain and sump pump to redirect any water that accumulates on the exterior of the foundation wall away. This approach will provide you with long term benefits.

It is best to talk to a professional foundation repair contractor. Have your foundation inspected and compare proposals and quotations from different contractors. Choose the solution that is not only cost-effective but also offers long term benefits. The solution should be comprehensive and address the root cause of the cracking. This will give you peace of mind for the many winters to come.