Identifying Water Leaks in Your Home South Bend, IN

Water Leaks

Many sources, outside or inside your walls, can cause water leaks in your home. Identifying them at the right time will help you to save on water-related damage repair costs.


The basement is the lowest point of your home, hence, it is one of the most likely places you will find water. There are many ways water can get into your basement. Sewers, foundations, eavestroughs, and pipes are a few of them.

  • Downspouts and Eavestroughs – Clogged/blocked downspouts can cause the eavestroughs to back up and spill the rainwater coming off the roof down to the side of the home. It will then penetrate the drain or siding directly onto the foundation wall. This will cause tiny cracks to appear in the foundation wall. Water will then seep through these cracks into the basement.
  • Sewer backups – A blocked pipe or storm water can cause the sewer to back up into the basement, flooding it with sewer water.


If there are water leaks in a toilet, sink or bathtub, the ceiling under the bathroom will usually start to bubble and flake. To determine where the leak is behind the tile, you can cut a hole in the drywall, and let someone run the water while you inspect with a flashlight. If there is a lot of water, that means the grout and tiles around the bathtub have failed.


A roof leak is a serious issue. It will cause damage to fiberglass insulation in the walls, and the attic nearby. It can cause the structure of the home to weaken, with rot. Roof leaks are easy to spot as it will cause the drywall to blister and flake.

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Condensation can cause your pipes to drip. You may also find water on the floor as a result of condensation.

Weeping tile

This is a method used to drain water away from the home. A perforated pipe and small pebbles are laid along the perimeter of the home, at the footing. Water drains down, and into the pipe. The weeping tiles can fail as a result of a broken pipe or debris blockage. This will cause constant leaking in the basement.

Basement windows

Basement windows will leak if they are old and rotten. It will also leak if the caulking at grade has failed. Clogged window wells can cause water leakage as well.

It is always better to seek professional help to fix the leaks in your home. This will ensure that the basement leaks are fixed properly, and permanently.