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Thump, thump, thump. Every time you get home, the pounding in your head begins. If you have no obvious medical issue, the cause of your headache could be in your home. It could be that air conditioner.

Many people are affected by headaches as a result of indoor air quality in their homes. If you have an AC, it could be the source of your problems. Here’s why:

  1. ACs lower the humidity levels of indoor air

Walking into a cool home in the summer can be a great relief. However, your AC isn’t just cooling the air in your home; it is also stripping it of humidity. While keeping humidity levels low in your home is good to prevent the growth of mold and the increase of dust mite populations, humidity levels shouldn’t be lowered too much. Very low humidity levels will result in your body becoming dehydrated. This, in turn, can result in headaches.

  1. The cold air may be causing mild brain freeze

You may be enjoying the lower temperatures in your home during the summer, but setting the AC too low could be causing your headaches. The cold air may be causing mild brain freeze. The cool temperatures may be triggering the trigeminal nerve to constrict the blood vessels in your brain. This often results in a headache.

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  1. The AC may be spreading mold spores

ACs don’t add fresh air to the room. They simply cool and re-circulate the air that is already in the room. If you have mold spores in your home, they may have collected in your AC and may have established an infestation on the unit’s evaporator coil. This offers the ideal warm and damp environment in which mold can thrive. Your AC may, therefore, be circulating mold spores in the air in your home causing you to develop headaches.

  1. The AC may be circulating harmful toxins

Our homes are filled with harmful toxins such as formaldehyde. These toxins are in almost every product we purchase ranging from textiles to electronics. Your AC may be circulating these toxins in the air causing you to develop a headache.

The best solution

The best way to keep your home cool in the summer and prevent headaches is by investing in a whole-home ventilation system. This will help to improve indoor air quality while keeping your home comfortable.

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