Methods of Foundation Waterproofing and Why You Need It in South Bend, IN

A poor foundation can cause major problems in the home. In the most severe case, it can cause the home to collapse. One way to avoid problems further down the road is to invest in foundation waterproofing. Here is some information you need to know about what it is and why you may need it.

  1. Types of foundation waterproofing

There are two main membrane types that can be used to waterproof the foundation. foundation waterproofing | South Bend, IN | Everdry Waterproofing of Michiana

  • Trowel applied waterproofing membrane: This is typically installed once any needed repairs are done on the foundation walls. It is a simple component, fluid applied, rapid curing membrane. It is VOC compliant and can be applied to concrete that is damp or green.
  • Spray applied waterproofing membrane: When this is used, the property first needs to be marked so that all buried utilities are located. It is a polymer-enhanced membrane that is applied by being sprayed onto masonry, concrete, and other types of walls.
  1. Signs you will need it in your home

To identify whether you have problems with your foundation that may necessitate foundation waterproofing, there are several things you can look out for. Start with the basement, then work your way to other parts of the home. If you notice any of these problems, then you will need to consider investing in foundation waterproofing.

  • Moisture in the basement: If you find water in the basement, there is a possibility that it is due to problems with your foundation.
  • Insects in the basement: Even if you do not see water, you could have a problem with moisture coming in through the foundation wall cracks. Insects such as silverfish, carpenter ants, and centipedes thrive in damp basements. If you see any, then you may have a problem with your foundation.
  • Bowed or cracked walls: Bowed and cracked walls can be due to several reasons, but one common one is that moisture is putting pressure on the walls. This water can seep through the cracks and is often due to poor drainage.
  • Crooked doors or cracked chimney: The basement is not the only place that may have problems. You may find that you have crooked doors or a cracked chimney. This occurs when the foundation settles due to poor water drainage.
  • Uneven and sagging floors: Water seeping into the basement due to poor or no foundation waterproofing can also cause the floors to become uneven as the foundation settles.

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