Possible Reasons for a Moldy Basement in Valparaiso IN 46383

Moldy Basement in Valparaiso IN 46383

Having a basement in a house has its fair share of challenges. While a basement provides extra space, which can be used for a number of things by the homeowner, during construction, a lot of necessary measures and precautions must be taken in the plumbing to ensure water leaks do not occur in the basement.

Water leaks that affect the basement are the number one source of moisture damage in a building, which is a precursor to mold growth. A moldy basement in Valparaiso IN 46383 will most definitely present dangers to your health and property, especially when it persists, therefore it is something to avoid.

The other major sources of basement moisture are rain and groundwater. Rain water can find its way into your basement if proper gutters and downspouts are not present, or if they have become damaged and worn out. The upsurge of groundwater on the other hand causes the water table to rise, which applies hydrostatic pressure underneath the basement.

Such pressure can cause water to penetrate into your basement through fine cracks and crevices in the floor and walls of the basement. Waterproofing basements usually ensures that rain and groundwater doesn’t become a source of moisture under such circumstances.

Floods occasioned by rapid spring thaws, torrential rains, heavy storms and even hurricanes often become one of the worst sources of water damage, not only to the basement, but to the rest of the house as well. Flood waters easily find their way into basements by their sheer volumes in worst cases, and as a result of poor ground grading in milder situations.

Even after the flooding has stopped and flood recovery work is done and completed, the basement moisture left behind can often persist long enough to cause a moldy basement in Valparaiso IN 46383.

Water condensation may not be a major source of moisture in the basements, but it is a source all the same, and worth mentioning. It is more prevalent during summer when the air outside is warm and humid. When this air enters the basement through vents and other ventilation openings, it finds the basement cool enough to condense its moisture on the walls.

The small droplets of water on the walls soon trickle down onto the floor where they can collect under things like carpets and other furnishings over time and cause all manner of problems that include a moldy basement in Valparaiso IN 46383.