The Four Most Important Questions to Ask a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

The Four Most Important Questions To Ask A Basement Waterproofing Contractor Mishawaka, IN

Did you wake up or come home to a wet basement? As devastating and frustrating as a damp basement can be, it isn’t uncommon. More than 60% of homes in the US have a moisture issue. The causes vary from cracks in the foundation to flooding.

While it’s tempting to hire the first basement waterproofing contractor you come across on an online search, it is essential to take your time to find the right professional. Not every contractor has the right skills, experience, and credentials to provide you with an efficient solution.

Asking questions is a great way to identify a professional contractor. If you’re facing an emergency and want to hire a professional as soon as possible, you can quickly identify an expert by asking these four questions.

1. Do You Have The Right Licensing And Insurance?

Contrary to popular belief, waterproofing is a risky business. A leaking foundation is a compromised one. You will not only want to ensure that the people working on the foundation have the right training and experience but also have adequate insurance to cover damage on the property and any injuries that may arise as a result of the work on your property.

They should provide you with details on their licensing as contractors as well as insurance. A contractor should always carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance at a minimum.

2. Do You Have References?

The only way you can verify the contractor’s experience and quality of work is by talking to people they have worked for before. Ask the contractor to provide references and follow up on the recommendations.

You can take it a step further by looking for reviews online. Check social media networks, consumer discussion sites, and other independent sites for reviews on the contractor.

3. What Solution Do You Suggest?

Not all basement waterproofing solutions are the same. The proposal the contractor offers may not be suitable for your particular situation. It’s a good idea to have at least three contractors inspect your basement and provide you with proposals for the work. Compare the solutions and determine which will give you long term benefits.

4. Do You Offer A Warranty?

Waterproofing solutions can be costly. The average homeowner spends upwards of $7000 on waterproofing, especially after a flooding incident. Asking the contractor if they provide a warranty is an excellent way to protect your investment. Many good contractors offer lifetime warranties, especially for products they are more confident.

Read the warranty and ensure you understand its terms before signing anything.

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