Preventing Basement Humidity in Elkhart IN 46514

Preventing Basement Humidity in Elkhart IN 46514

The basement is one place in the home that may be prone to fungus and mold. This is because it tends to be warm and dark with high levels of humidity. If not controlled, high levels of humidity can damage your basement by causing the foundation and walls to rot. This in turn poses a threat to your health.

Basement humidity in Elkhart IN 46514 is in most cases a result of leaks in other parts of the house like the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Even then, humidity in the basement can be controlled. Here are some of the ways of preventing basement humidity.

  • Inspect ventilation and clothes dryer fans in the bathroom and kitchen to ensure direct airflow out of the home.
  • Make use of a dehumidifier in the basement especially when the weather is humid. This helps in freeing the air in the basement of excessive moisture while also preventing possible condensation on the concrete walls.
  • Leave the door to your basement open at least once every month and have an oscillating fan run for at least an hour or two to promote proper circulation of air.
  • Consult or talk to an air conditioning, ventilation and heating system contractor to be sure that your system is properly sized and well equipped to get rid of humidity in the basement. Where possible, let them check for any air leaks in the clothes dryer venting pipe and ensure it is well attached to the dryer to discourage escape of air in the basement.
  • Regularly check your basement for any leaks. Some of the things that you need to look out for include water puddles usually on the floor, leaks on the ceiling or walls of the basement and beads of condensation on the floors and walls.
  • Carry out a routine check on the sump pump to be sure that it is in good working condition. A clogged sump pump can cause the basement to flood thereby leading to high levels of humidity.
  • Be sure to keep materials like furniture, books and clothing away from the basement walls or better yet get them out of the basement completely. This will not only prevent humidity levels, but also mold growth.

In conclusion, basement humidity in Elkhart IN 46514 can be kept under control when you apply the tips discussed above. Ultimately, control of basement humidity is pegged on proper storage of items and controlling the humidity levels in your basement.