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Turning your basement into a living space is a great way to add value to your property. Basements can be converted into just about anything including family rooms, guest rooms or play rooms depending on your needs. Such a remodel would often times require the installation of new flooring such as hardwood as well as drywall finishes. This can be quite an investment. It can therefore be devastating when you discover that you have a basement moisture problem in this space.

What to do when experiencing basement moisture problems. You’ve just discovered that you have a basement moisture problem. Don’t bang your head against the wall. Follow these steps instead:

  1. Turn the power off

The first and most important step is to turn off the electricity. You don’t want to be walking around your basement and get a shock. You can turn the breakers for the basement off and leave those of the sump pump. This is especially important if the moisture problem has taken the form of flooding, leaving the sump pump on ensures that excess water is being removed from the space.

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  1. Save what you can

When you’re sure that it is safe to go in the basement, save what you can. Begin with those items you hold most dear to you. Remove all electronic equipment and expensive furniture. You can then begin removing all the other items in the basement. Put damp items outside where they can dry.

  1. Clean the basement

Clean the basement up as much as you can. It’s important to dry the floors; especially if they are hardwood or laminate. Ceramic tiles are often not affected by moisture. However, hardwood, laminate, composite or vinyl floors can be destroyed by high moisture levels.

You’ll have an even bigger challenge if you had installed a wall-to-wall carpet. Such a case would require the assistance of a professional company to properly clean and restore the carpet.

  1. Turn on the dehumidifier

Now that the basement is nice and dry, it’s important to keep as much of the moisture out as possible to minimize damage to the space. Open the basement windows to allow air to flow through the room and run your dehumidifier. This will help the space to dry out as fast and as thoroughly as possible.

  1. Call basement waterproofing contractors

Ensure that you call a professional contractor to have your basement inspected and waterproofed. Discuss long term solutions to prevent a basement moisture issue from happening again.


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