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Problems can Still Occur after Foundation Repair

Have you recently invested in foundation repair? Many people believe that once they have had their foundations repaired, they need not worry about the foundation anymore.

While foundation repair will ensure that your home will be more stable and therefore safer, it does not mean that you’ll never have problems anymore.

Cracks after repair

Repairing a foundation is important for preventing extensive damage to the foundation and the structure of the home. However, it is still possible to find that you find even more signs of foundation damage after the repair.

If you’re foundation has been lifted for example, it is possible to find new cracks in the foundation walls that were not there previously. This is not unusual. You may find cracks not only in your foundation walls but also on your ceilings after the straightening of the building. This is expected.

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You shouldn’t be too worried about these cracks as they are not a sign of serious structural damage. They are often simply a result of the movement of the building during the straightening. They may also be a result of the building settling into its new position.

These cracks can be easily repaired as they often aren’t structural cracks. You can patch them up or paint them over and they will be as good as new.

Buckling floors

It is also not unusual to notice some buckling of your floors. This is common for floors that are made from hardwood or tile. If your floors were laid prior to the repair of the foundation, they may experience some popping or damage. These materials are often not as forgiving as other materials used for flooring. They succumb to any changes made to the structure of the home.

Ceiling damage

You may also experience some damage in your ceiling. This of course depends on the type of material used to make the ceiling. It may also be caused by damage to the framing of your attic that may have occurred as a result of the settling of the home. It is therefore important to ask the repair contractor to check the attic to ensure that its structure is sound.

It’s important to remember that when your home’s foundation is leaning in any one direction, there will be strain put on different parts of the structure of the home. Straightening the house means that you will be pulling it in a different direction. This may result in cracks and other forms of damage. Contact Everdry Michiana to schedule a FREE inspection!