Proven Remedies for Cracks in Your Foundation

Due to the exceptional amount of snowfall around much of the country this winter, many homeowners felt like they were always stranded in traffic or shoveling snow. Inch after inch, snow continued to fall to record levels across most of the nation. Those charged with the task of shoveling the snow know exactly how backbreaking of a job it can be. However, they may not be aware that the melting snow, like heavy rains, can damage a home.

Most people are aware that things such as improper roof drainage, improper ground slope and drainage from a neighbor’s property can cause costly leakage problems in their home. Any openings or cracks in your foundation walls make it possible for water and moisture to enter your home. As a result, you can develop mold, mildew and structural damage that can easily create thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Basements damaged by moisture are not new. Yet, the methods used to repair them continue to improve. Methods such as The Stablwall™ system, a unique polymer wall bracing system consisting of advanced technology carbon fiber sheets bonded to foundational walls. This system helps to prevent cracks from expanding and causing further damage.

Then there is EZ Breathe™, an air-filtration system that expels the excess moisture from your home, thereby, removing pollutants from the air and restoring a fresh and healthy living space.

If you have a leakage problem, or would like more information about preventative methods, contact us today. With our patented waterproofing method, over twenty-five years of experience and warranty options to suit every need, we are sure to leave you dry and satisfied.